Euroclad Warranties


Euroclad Group products are covered by our comprehensive product warranty and guarantees.

Up to 25-year product warranties are available on our range of built up and panel systems.

In addition to this we offer up to 40 years guarantee for pre-finished steel products through the Confidex Guarantee exclusively from Tata Steel.

Product Warranties

Euroclad Group - Warranties

Euroclad Built Up Sytems

Up to 25 year system warranties for our range of Built Up Systems including Elite, Vieo and Refresh Systems.

Eurobond Panels

Up to 25 year warranties for our range of Panel Systems including Europanel, Rockspan, Rainspan, Roofspan and Rockspan Roof.


Product Warranty Applications

To apply for a product warranty please complete the relevant forms and return to

Euroclad Systems - Elite, Vieo, Refresh - Guarantee

Eurobond Panels - Warranty Registration

Euroclad Warranties

Colours & Coatings

Colorcoat® products have been developed specifically to support the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern architecture. The brand includes pre-finished steel products with unique coating formulations offering long-term performance and the most comprehensive guarantees available.

Confidex Application

Euroclad Group - Confidex Request Form

Euroclad Group Warranties

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