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Vieo is a standing seam wall cladding profile that can create unique designs

Vieo is comprised of an interlocking profiled aluminium or steel sheet that can be used as a rainscreen fa├žade or as an insulated wall system.   

By specifying Vieo you can create striking and sophisticated creating a bespoke look on a wide range of buildings applications.

  • Vieo is a long-strip metal sheet with a flat pan and a traditional look that works very well on all kinds of buildings including residential, commercial and public buildings
  • It can offer significant cost savings versus traditional materials like zinc and lead and is a manufactured sheet product, which is faster and less onerous to install correctly than traditional materials
  • Vieo is available in steel and aluminium and is manufactured using the very latest rollforming technology

Technical & Downloads

Product Parameter

  Pre-finished Steel Aluminium
Standard cover width 454mm 454mm
Cover width available** 200mm – 517mm 200mm – 517mm
Cover width of curves 275mm – 517mm 275mm – 517mm
Cover width of tapers 200mm – 500mm 200mm – 500mm
Maximum rolled sheet length 20 metres site rolled; 14 meters delivered 20 metres site rolled; 14 meters delivered
Minimum straight length 250mm 250mm
Minimum pre-curved / taper length 2 meters 2 meters
Maximum pre-curved sheet length 20 metres 20 metres
Minimum induced curve radius convex 2 metres 2 metres
Minimum induced curve radius concave n/a n/a
Minimum self curve radius convex 15 metres 15 metres
Minimum self curve radius concave 15 metres 15 metres

Material Options

    Pre-finished Steel Aluminium
0.7mm gauge Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra  
Colorcoat LG  
Colorcoat Prisma  
0.9mm gauge ARS  
Organic Patina  
Vieo Zinc  







Euroclad_ Vieo_Profile_Horizontal_Wall_Covering_System_over_Timber_Facing



Our Approach to Sustainability

Euroclad Group is committed to continual improvement, striving to manufacture and deliver the most environmentally responsible and sustainable products. Key to this is establishing, implementing and maintaining an Integrated Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001.

Euroclad Group aims to make specifying the most sustainable products simpler and more transparent. To this end it has implemented BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products standard that independently demonstrates that a building material has been produced in a way that has minimised its environmental impact and is sustainable.