Vieo Wall Systems

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Vieo is a standing seam wall system for a sophisticated and highly aesthetic design

Available in a standard cover width of 454mm, it can also be supplied in variable widths down to 200mm (minimum), to give a concertina style effect.

Vieo Wall Cladding Systems comprise of an interlocking aluminium or steel sheet that can be used as part of an insulated warm or cold exterior wall construction.

  • The Vieo system can produce striking and sophisticated architectural lines creating a bespoke look on a wide range of buildings applications
  • Its simple overlapped seam construction allows for a rapid installation compared to traditional building materials​
Vieo brochure download

Vieo Brochure

The new Vieo brochure has the latest product and technical information to support you with your building project.

Technical & Downloads

Product Parameters

  Pre-finished Steel Aluminium
Standard cover width 454mm 454mm
Cover width available** 200mm – 454mm* 200mm – 454mm*
Cover width of curves 275mm – 454mm* 275mm – 454mm*
Cover width of tapers 200mm – 500mm* 200mm – 500mm*
Maximum rolled sheet length 20 metres site rolled; 14 meters delivered 20 metres site rolled; 14 meters delivered
Minimum straight length 250mm 250mm
Minimum pre-curved / taper length 2 meters 2 meters
Maximum pre-curved sheet length 20 metres 20 metres
Minimum induced curve radius convex 2 metres 0.5 metres
Minimum induced curve radius concave n/a n/a
Minimum self curve radius convex 15 metres 15 metres
Minimum self curve radius concave 15 metres 15 metres

*Vieo can be manufactured in any width from 200mm up to a maximum of 517mm. However advice should be sought for widths of 454mm to 517mm, which are not supported by current certification and testing. Note -Tapers cannot be induced curved.

Vieo sheets can be curved or tapered for the perfect fit and to help achieve unusual designs. They have been used to great effect on the roof and walls of buildings where the roof sheets curve around the eaves into the wall. 

To avoid potential problems delivering sheets to site, particularly where sheet lengths exceed 14 metres, Vieo can be produced onsite. This can avoid the need for storage as Vieo sheets can be produced precisely when they are needed.

Material Options

    Pre-finished Steel Aluminium
0.7mm gauge Colorcoat HPS 200 Ultra  
Colorcoat LG  
Colorcoat Prisma  
0.9mm gauge ARS  
Organic Patina  

Colour Inspiration Guide

Colour Inspiration

Whether you’re building a house or specifying a large-scale commercial development, we understand the importance of how colour can transform the appearance of your building. Download our new guide.

Colour Charts

Utilises cutting edge three layer manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust and chrome free pre-finished steel product. Designed to withstand the rigours of the external environment, versatile, lightweight and strong, Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel is the ideal choice for your building envelope for exceptional UV performance and long lasting colour. The contemporary colour range includes a selection of natural metal colours, as well as a wide selection of inspired Matt shades such as Matt Metallics ideal for facade applications.

Colorcoat Prisma colourcard UK

Designed to withstand even the most demanding and aggressive environments, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel provides super durability and corrosion resistance. Whatever your type of building, from warehouses to houses, retail outlets to processing plants, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® demonstrates proven performance and reliability. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel provides exceptional performance and corrosion resistance for building envelope applications.

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra colour card UK

With ever-increasing demands for reductions in energy consumption and lower carbon emissions, from both Part L of the Building Regulations and environmentally conscious specifiers, there can be comfort in the knowledge that Vieo systems can adapt to achieve the most challenging U-values.
Vieo features high density RocSlab insulation that can achieve U-values as low as 0.15W/m2K using 240mm of insulation. The firm RocBar fixing system eliminates any cold bridging that may occur with traditional spacer systems.
Vieo U values  
RocSlab (Mineral Wool, mm) U value
115 + 25 0.25
150 + 25 0.2
170 + 25 0.18
205 + 25 0.15
RocSlab Lite (Mineral Wool + PIR*, mm) U value
50 + 40* + 25 0.25
50 + 80* + 25 0.17
50 + 100* + 25 0.15
50 + 130* + 25 0.13
50 + 150* + 25 0.11
For added convenience all components, including insulation, are purchased from Euroclad Group.


Vieo Horizontal Wall (Timber) Detail

Vieo Horizontal Wall (Timber) Detail

Vieo Warm Horizontal (Timber) Detail

Vieo Warm Horizontal (Timber) Detail

Vieo Vertical Wall (Timber) Detail

Vieo Vertical Wall (Timber) Detail

Vieo Warm Vertical (Timber) Detail

Vieo Warm Vertical (Timber) Detail



Vieo - Sustainability

Euroclad Group employ a holistic approach to sustainability which aims to minimise the environmental impact of the production of components,  manufacturing processes, transport, installation, use and end of life. Also included is life cycle assessment of environmental impact categories such as global warming, resource depletion, embodied energy, eutrophication, acidification and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

As part of the commitment to reducing Euroclad Group’s carbon footprint there is a process of continuous improvement that includes, but is not exclusive to, the ongoing accreditation of the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

By specifying Vieo, it is possible to protect your pocket as well as the planet. Euroclad’s cradle to cradle approach can deliver a sustainable metal roof and wall solution that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Euroclad Group is committed to continual improvement, striving to manufacture and deliver the most environmentally responsible and sustainable products. Key to this is establishing, implementing and maintaining an Integrated Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001.

Euroclad Group aims to make specifying the most sustainable products simpler and more transparent. To this end it has implemented BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products standard that independently demonstrates that a building material has been produced in a way that has minimised its environmental impact and is sustainable.