Membrane Gutters

Membrane Corners 2

A high performance membrane coated metal gutter that provides a robust watertight rainwater solution

Membrane gutters now featuring Fatra slip resistant membrane lining and a 35 year guarantee when installed with a Euroclad Elite System.
  • Can be insulated or uninsulated to provide a robust watertight rainwater solution
  • PVC membrane technology is used to create a bonded steel sheet, with a unique slip resistant surface and standard, bright-white liner
  • A simple, user friendly product to heat weld · Slip-resistant, checker plate surface to ensure employee safety
  • Fit and forget – no costly return visits to cure leaks associated with standard bolted gutters 
  • Resistant to weather and ultraviolet rays

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Technical & Downloads

Product Parameters

Parameter Specification
Membrane gauge 1.2mm
Steel gauge 1.2mm or 1.5mm
Insulation Uninsulated
Mineral Fibre
Insulation thickness 20mm to 120mm
Internal skin 0.7mm
Tell Tale Overflow Standard detail available
Outlets 100mm, 150mm, 150-100mm and 225-150mm
Girth 500 – 1475mm*
Length Up to 6m
*if girth is greater than 1475mm then length is limited to 1250mm

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Our Approach to Sustainability

Euroclad Group is committed to continual improvement, striving to manufacture and deliver the most environmentally responsible and sustainable products. Key to this is establishing, implementing and maintaining an Integrated Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001.

Euroclad Group aims to make specifying the most sustainable products simpler and more transparent. To this end it has implemented BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products standard that independently demonstrates that a building material has been produced in a way that has minimised its environmental impact and is sustainable.


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