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19 November 2020 Euroclad Group
Euroclad Group Data Centres

Technical Excellence

At Euroclad Group we understand the growing demand to specify the best and most advanced building solutions available for your Data Centre project.

The formation of Euroclad Group has enabled us to offer the sector a broader range of high-performance building products including internal wall, external wall, ceilings and roofing systems, together with the technical resource and expertise to support you with specification.

The Eurobond panel range of products have been specified in Data Centres across the world, through collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in Data Centres we have tested our products to meet the highest standards of performance available.

  • Up to 4-hours fire resistance for Eurobond Firemaster wall panels to relevant EN and international standards
  • AS/NZS 4284 – the most onerous structural and weather tightness test for facades
  • Testing of Service Penetrations with firestopping solution providers for over 2 hours
  • CE Marking and UKCA Marking ready for 2021
  • VOC Emission Testing for LEED Compliance

International Certification

To achieve this, we embarked on our most rigorous testing programme ever conducted, to offer the data centre sector with tested solutions for local market conditions and have gained international fire certification across the world.

Extensive Service Penetration Testing

Part of our testing programme has included partnering with a range of innovative firestopping solution providers to test a wide range of service penetrations in conjunction with our Eurobond Firemaster internal fire rated wall panel.

A series of fire tests have been conducted with live design teams, including extensive third-party fire tests on service penetrations, to meet the highest performance standards in the market.

The series of testing and certification covers a wide variety of data centre specific apertures designed in collaboration with specialist architects, M&E engineers and clients including:

  • Telecoms
  • Steel/copper/plastic pipes
  • Dampers
  • Insulated Pipe-In-Pipe
  • Data cables
  • Busbars

All designed to cover the largest dimensions required by current data centre projects.

Darren Stewart, Commercial Director at Euroclad Group reflects on the latest series of testing:

"We are extremely proud of our technical expertise and through our collaboration with the leading penetration service providers, we are able to offer the data centre market a complete fire rated wall solution.

Eurobond panels continue to be specified in the worlds most advanced data centres, and we are fully committed in ensuring the highest standards of fire performance in our products through continuous and extensive testing."

For an initial discussion on our data centre solutions, to discuss our technical accreditation or to request more information on our penetration testing please contact:

Mariah Naeem

Technical Lead Advisor Data Centres

+44 2922 744 883

+44 7814 945 086