Euroclad Shingles Sherman Cardiff

Sherman Theatre

Euroclad Metal Shingle Cladding creates a dramatic transformation with minimal disruption.

The Project

The Sherman Theatre reopened its doors to the public after two years of refurbishment, having rejuvenated the building design by replacing its dated exterior with a bespoke Shingle cladding by Euroclad Group. The new design was the vision of Jonathan Adams, the architect behind the Wales Millennium Centre, another modern Cardiff classic.

The redevelopment of the Sherman Theatre aimed to give Cardiff’s only producing theatre the venue it, and its audience, deserves and to do so a number of changes were made to the venue, the most noticeable being the new exterior. Other work included a completely redesigned foyer space, public areas and access, as well as improvements to rehearsal rooms and backstage areas.

Jonathan Adams
ABS Elbrow
Stainless Steel
The most startling and impressive element of the refurbishment is the modern, exciting panels that were manufactured from stainless steel and galvanised mild steel. These deliver the contemporary exterior design the building sorely needed.

Euroclad Shingles were an ideal solution, being easily fixed to the existing building structure, creating a dramatic transformation with minimal disruption.
Euroclad Shingles Sherman Cardiff 2