Vieo Standing Seam Wall - Sandbanks Yacht Company

Sandbanks Yacht Company

The Vieo standing seam external wall system provides a stunning contemporary design at the Sandbanks luxury homes.

The Project

The homes have been designed to be innovative and striking, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the oblique geometry of the roof and walls. Vieo flat-pan sheets were installed to help achieve the desired visual impact, using this Euroclad product, which was inspired by traditional standing seam roofing, to provide a modern architectural exterior.

VieoZinc was the material used to manufacture Vieo, combining the benefits of an aluminium substrate with a zinc-rich coating to provide a workable, sustainable and affordable material that looks, feels and weathers just as zinc does.

Trinity Architecture
TAC Projects
Although experiencing a renaissance in recent years, zinc cladding was popularised in Paris in the 19th Century as part of Baron Hausmannn’s rebuilding programme. In more recent years, VieoZinc has been increasingly used in contemporary architecture, as a visually comparable and efficient alternative to zinc.

Described as the “fourth most expensive area in the world to live” by the popular press, The Sandbanks peninsular is becoming well recognised for modern, innovative architectural designs, demanded by affluent clients. Measuring just 1km2, near Poole in Dorset, the average house price now exceeds £6 million each.

Based on an original scheme by Munden Robinson Architects, Trinity Architecture formed part of a design & build partnership with D & B Spetisbury Construction Limited to create the luxury accommodation in Sandbanks, Poole.
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