Euroclad Half Round Wall Profile - NAREC


Euroclad Half round profiled cladding specified in pre-finished steel, the ultimate combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

The Project

From recycling centres to energy recovery facilities, products manufactured by the leading UK manufacturer of profiled steel have been used in many of the biggest constructions aimed at achieving the UK’s renewable energy targets. One of those projects was the National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec), based in Blyth, Northumberland.

Narec’s latest addition is the 100m blade test facility, able to test to the rigorous British and European standards and helping to ensure that the blades, bearings and housings of wind turbines achieve the performance, safety and longevity required. The 123m-long building quickly became a local landmark, featuring the striking 50/1000 half round profiled cladding, manufactured from Colorcoat Prisma® prefinished steel in Denim, Cobalt and Ice Blue, with the 32/1000 wall profile also supplied in Cobalt.

Northern Cladding
Half Round Wall Profile
Colorcoat Prisma®
Denim, Cobalt and Ice Blue
Colorcoat Prisma® is a technically and aesthetically superior pre-finished steel that represents the ultimate combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. It provides the designer with the freedom to create architecturally striking buildings with exceptional performance. Colorcoat Prisma® is BBA Agrément Certified in excess of 40 years for all colours, whilst the Confidex® Guarantee offers up to 30 years with no maintenance or inspections required to maintain its validity (25 years in a coastal environment).

With 11% of the UK’s energy produced from wind power, the latest generation of large, aerofoil-shaped wind turbine blades need to be at the very cutting edge of technology to cope with the huge stresses involved, whilst remaining lightweight.

Now operational, this testing facility will help to ensure the reliability of the offshore wind power generation industry, whilst Euroclad Group’s high performance cladding systems will continue to protect this building from the full force of the onshore marine winds for many years to come.
Euroclad Half Round Wall Profile - NAREC 8