Sinusoidal 19.1000 Wall Cladding - Brooklands Aircraft

Brooklands Aircraft Factory & Race Track

Euroclad Group sinusoidal metal wall and roof sheeting profiles provide a new lease of life to aviation museum.

The Project

A major part of a historic site for motoring, aviation and engineering has been brought back to life as part of a revival project to help visitors understand the pivotal role Brooklands played in the field of engineering.

Euroclad Group products provided the required like-for-like appearance of the old hangar building and the heritage aesthetic of the new Flight Shed. The site’s Grade II listed Bellman Hangar which was located on the Race Track and used for the assembly of Wellington bombers during the Second World War, has been restored and relocated on an adjacent site and will be presented as an “aircraft factory” - an interactive learning centre where visitors can experience aircraft manufacturing and see how aircraft were designed over the years.

Roofing, Cladding and Building Ltd
Sinusoidal Profile, 19mm Profile
Colorcoat Prisma®, Aluminium
Galvanised, Oyster, Bright White Liner
Due to the degradation of the original Bellman Hangar sheets, the hangar was clad using a combination of Euroclad Group sinusoidal metal wall and roof profiles in different finishes to replicate the appearance of the old corrugated sheets. The cladding will also provide thermal insulation and protect the buildings from weathering.

A total of 3,314m2 of galvanised steel sinusoidal profiles were manufactured and supplied, in a combination of uncoated and Colorcoat Prisma finishes, to clad the hangar’s exterior walls and roof. To ensure that the external aesthetics matched the original building, an Oyster colour was used for large areas of the external envelope, with the south side of the building later painted in a camouflage design.

The Flight Shed walls and roof were clad using 955m2 of sinusoidal profiles on the walls and 797m2 on the roof, both in a Grey Aluminium finish. 19/1000 liner panels were used on the inside of the Flight Shed with Quattro spacer bar system by Euroclad Group.

Matthew Beard from Roofing, Cladding and Building Ltd, the specialist installers who worked on the project, said: “It was great to work on such a historic site and to help give the buildings a new lease of life. Replicating the aesthetics of the original buildings was key throughout this project. We worked closely with the museum and Historic England to make sure that the restoration reflected this and Euroclad Group were able to provide the like-for-like industrial feel that the project required which was great.”
Sinusoidal 19.1000 Wall Cladding - Brooklands Aircraft 5