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Our Story

Celebrating 40 years supplying the construction industry

Today we are a modern, market leading business with an established reputation of innovation and quality since our inception in 1981.

We are a leading international supplier of architectural metal building solutions to the construction industry.


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Our History

Company founded by local entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in the insulation industry. Six employees operated the Eurobond production line with Euroclad supplying 100 tonnes of cladding during 1981.
The manufacturing operation quickly became too much for the Seawall Road manufacturing operation. A move was planned to Wentloog Corporate Park, a disused group of buildings on the outskirts of Cardiff.
Eurobond invests in a line 3 which incorporates, computer controls  and PLC's into the machinery design along with improved levels of material  handling.
A concealed fixed standing seam roof system, was added to our product portfolio in 1995.
The demand for longer rollformed sheets on site paved the way for the SF500 manufacturing facility to be made available in 1996.
Strategic decision to focus solely on stone wool composite panels.
Euroclad launch Elite Systems into the market.
Kingspan group purchase the Euroclad Group of companies and start major capital investment initiatives.

Euroclad Group celebrate 40 years supplying the building industry with high quality metal roof & wall products.

Our success has been built through the development of trusted client relationships within the industry as well as through investment in new processes and technology to meet market demands and achieve customer satisfaction.

From our manufacturing headquarters in Cardiff, south Wales, we have supplied some of Europe's most iconic and high-profile building projects, expanded our product range and are currently experiencing huge demand both at home and abroad.

Throughout our history our products have been specified on many international projects from supplying the London Olympic Park, the World Cup stadia currently being constructed in Qatar and our continued supply of some of the world’s largest data centre projects across the globe; the brand of Euroclad Group is a name synonymous in the industry for high quality, trusted building solutions.

Building a better future together

Our drive to succeed comes from being stronger together.

Our customers can be confident we will deliver trusted building solutions.